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"From as long as I can remember I knew I wanted to be a make-up artist. I began by doing make overs for friends and family as a hobby. As I became more passionate about learning how to apply make-up I invested into an in depth bridal hair and make-up course. Since then, make up has changed immensely from contouring to baking and I wanted to learn more than just basic techniques. Everything I know now I have learnt on my own, through experience. I love how the industry is constantly changing where new beauty products and techniques are always being discovered. I believe the changing environment provides a challenge for me to learn new techniques and adapt them to my collection. My work is my passion and waking up early for a bridal booking isn't a chore when you love your job. I love what I do and it gives me great satisfaction in seeing others delighted with my work. My goal is to become one of the most recognised make-up artists in the world and to share passion with others to make their dream of becoming a make-up artist, a reality."


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